Sobre el proyecto:

El e- commerce está desarrollado bajo la tecnología shopify, la cual permite todo el manejo completo de una plataforma para el comercio de productos. Se tuvo que adaptar todo el diseño respecto a su web actual, la cual está desarrollada en wordpress, para que el usuario final lo vea como una sola web.

Sobre la fundadora:

Emily is a certified nutritionist, detox specialist, plant-ally and formulator. Since 2006, Emily has been based in Peru studying alternative medicine from the Andes to the Amazon. In 2011 Emily went to Kerala, India to study Ayurveda and Pancha Karma. Her goal was to bring the wisdom of this ancient system of detoxification back to Peru, where she created her first detox protocol in 2012: fuelled with powerful Peruvian botanicals. Since then she has guided hundreds of people through her Ayurveda Inspired, Amazonian-sourced detox programme with outstanding results. Born in London and hailing from Toronto, she is now back in the UK with the mission to educate and empower people to take control of their health and wellbeing with the use of powerful ingredients, simple Ayurvedic practices and pure botanicals: because everything we need to truly thrive is already here.





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